Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Cornish Trotting Park, hosted the Horsemens day on Saturday September 6th, with 8 races on the ticket.

Here is a brief from the race program about the Fairgrounds History.

In 1876 the first fair association was formed in Cornish to promote and display the duduced and trae of goods in the area. One of the most influential founders was B Franklin Pease, the great Grandfather of Royden and Rebecca Pease and Helen Bradeen. He also founded the Cornish Grange the hear before.

Little is recorded in the early years of the Osipee Valley Union Agriculture Association but is success by the turn of the century saw the complete rebuilding of the fairgrounds and racetrack to allowallow for growing expansion.

After the Second World War, most of the active members of the association had died and due to lack of supportive interest the deal of the Cornish fair was nearing.

Dr Anthony DiBiaso bought the fairgrounds in 1958 and gave the deed to his wife. Since 1952 the fairgrounds activity was limited to training of race horses.

The town of Cornish purchased the fairgrounds in 1994. Today the gorunds are used for public events and training or harness horses, which conties one of the oldest tradions and businesses in Cornish. (Cornish Race Program 2008).

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