Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome Maine Watch Jennifer Rooks viewers

I would like to welcome all the people who are coming to my site from Maine Watch's Jennifer Rooks viewers. (Click that link if you want to watch a great story about the sport, featuring the Farmington Fair grounds, gordon corey in front of the Cumberland grand stand and a host of others).

I am a photographer who follows the Harness racers around Maine and makes pictures of this family sport. I would like to follow up to what, Bob Tardy, Mike Andrews, and Gordon Corey have stated in your very well made story.

I am a photographer, a professional who came into the sport of Harness Racing in 2003 and have had the joy of earning a great deal of my income from the horsemen and families involved in this sport.

I am working on a photo story, the families of harness racing, and will be posting a photo blog soon with some of my updated work.

I hope to see you all at Scarborough Downs for the stakes races, where fun will be had by all.

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susana said...

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