Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting

Sorry for the delay in posting. I owe you all some posts about what I have been up to where I have been. I had someone ask if I was at the sire stakes, I can assure you I was and it was exciting. Watching Allie Hiscock kiss his horse was the highlight of the weekend along with the powerful Terry's Star Dragon firing down the stretch. Who could forget the battle of the Graffam stable. I will post an exlusive edit of my takes from that weekend as well as a wrap up of the season shortly. Thank you all for writing in my brief absence. And here is the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

SD Boomerang, Allie's mare is the daughter of one of my riding lesson horses. It's been so exciting to follow her through the stakes races. I love the photo of him kissing her in the winner's circle.

STB Eventer said...

I want to send my deepest condolences to Ed's family. I just heard of Ed's passing and I am so sad. Ed was a great man and a great photographer as well. He took some absolutely stunning photographs of my mare. I cannot imagine going to the track now and not stopping by the visit with Ed. :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

The Maine Harness Racing industry has lost a true friend and champion for the sport.

God bless and comfort His family and friends who knew Ed.

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